South Florida Blues All Stars Play Rosey Baby’s May 23rd, 2009


The South Florida Blues All Star Band and Open Jam at Rosey Baby’s May 23, 2009.

The Band:

“Bluesy Dan” Berliner guitar

Bernie Rose Keys/ vocals

Bobby Nathan guitar/vocals

Deny Rowand bass/vocals

Mike Shallus drums/vocals

Niles Blaize harp/vocals

The Tunes:

Chicken Shack

Hootchie Kootchie Man

Nile's Shuffle

Funky Rock Me

All Your Loving

Help Me

Bright Lights Big City

Going Down

Room To Move


Deny Feel So Good

Nora Am

Chain Of Fools

More Nora Jones

Rita Rock Me

Rita Stormy Monday

Niles Everyday

Heard The News

Deny Make Love To You

Kansas City

Leave My Little Girl Alone

You Don't Love Me